Pastor Biography

Reverend William McKinley Jackson is the Pastor and Shepherd of Greater Middle Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee. He was born in Terrell, Texas to Rev. & Mrs. McKinley Jackson.  Reverend Jackson is married to Dr. Penelope Aikin-Jackson and is the father of Jazmine, Zoe & Jack.

Possessing a passion for the ministry of music, he is an annointed, gifted and classically trained musician of Weatherford College where he studied the Field of Music. He holds a B.A. Degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University and a Masters of Theology degree from Houston Graduate School of Theology.

He accepted his calling in June of 1981 and was ordained in February 1989 at Samaria Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas. His ministerial objectives are to utilize his pastoral, preaching, teaching and administrative gifts. Carrying out his God-given calling, Rev. Jackson has served faithfully in Christian Ministry as the former Pastor of Samaria Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, the Starlight Baptist Church of Beaumont, Texas and as the Samaria Baptist Church Minister of Music.

Reverend Jackson is an active member of the Tennessee Progressive Council of the Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association and National Baptist Convention USA, Inc.; and has formerly served as a member of the Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention of Texas. His leadership experience includes serving as the 2nd vice Moderator of the Friendship District Association, Chairman of the Baptist Ministers Union – Fort Worth, Chairman of the Beaumont Baptist Ministers Union and Vice President of the Fort Worth Baptist Ministers Union and Chairman of the Evangelism Board (FBDA).